How to Create Your Own Web Photo Album In Three Simple Steps

Creating web photo album now become simple with Glenlay Gallery. This windows utility allows you to create quality photo album in three simple steps. Glenlay Gallery Allows you to use your existing web Space to create an exciting photo album from your digital photos. If you don’t have , don’t worry ! you can get one from any free web space providers.

Glenlay Gallery utility for windows is extremely easy to use application and no HTML knowledge required to create and awesome photo album. Glenlay Gallery got12 layout templates and 10 color and background image schemes which you can mix and match in any way. The best feature of Glenlay Gallery application include the instant preview of your photo album inside the interface or in any stand-alone Web browser.

Glenlay Gallery

Best Features of Glenlay Gallery Photo Album Maker

  •   Instant album preview inside the embedded Internet Explorer browser window
  •   Long rich-text picture descriptions (using HTML or plain text)
  •   Sophisticated layout templates with folder hierarchy and breadcrumb trails
  •   RAW images shown in pop-up windows
  •   Full technical information for every picture (EXIF)
  •   Picture editing: rotation, mirroring and sharpening
  •   Embedded FTP client for the easy upload to the Web site
  •   Desktop icon for one-click album access
  •   Absolutely FREE software
  •   Uses FREE web space to publish pictures on the Web
  •   Very easy to use
  •   No HTML knowledge required
  •   12 layout templates (sizes, positions and behaviors for thumbnails and pictures)
  •   10 color and background image schemes

You can download glenlay gallery web photo album maker from here.   Once downloaded,look at how to work with glenlay gallery web Photo Album maker.

  • Step 1. Install the Glenlay Gallery application and choose the combination of layout template and color scheme in the two list boxes on the left side. The preview panel on the right will instantly show the result using a small preview album. Click the “Next” button to move ahead.
  • Step 2. Specify the directory where Glenlay Gallery will look for the pictures, the directory where Glenlay Gallery will store the album, and the name of album. Directory names may be entered manually or you may prefer to click the “:” button next to the directory name and select it in the directory browser. Click the “Generate album” button when all directory names are specified. Program will scan input directory and all its subdirectories, and collect image files and text files with descriptions. It will then generate thumbnail images, formatted images, and HTML pages, and put them all into the output directory. Click the “Next” button to move ahead.
  • Step 3. Your album is almost ready! Now you can correct it a little using picture editing. Click the right mouse button on the picture you would like to change, and you will see picture-editing context menu. When you are done, of if there is no need to edit anything, you can upload the album to the Web site using embedded FTP client, or create a shortcut icon for it on the desktop, or both. To upload the album using FTP, specify your web server name, directory on this server, and account name and password to connect to it.

Glenlay Gallery is totally a free application for windows operating system.Just try it out and share your experience with us.

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