How To Remove Google Hangout Green Icon App From PC Startup

Google Hangout is great for video calling and group discussion compared to many other VoIP video calling peer to peer applications. But recently I came in to a situation where I find the Google hangout application in my windows PC is running even after I exit from the live hangout with my friends.

When I start Google Chrome, Hangouts starts up with a floating green ” icon and a task-bar icon and I am not find this application MSCONFIG Startup tab or Start Programs Startup folder. This is something I got interested for further investigation.

How Google Hangout Floating Green Icon is running if you not put it in startup?

I got the answer with in minutes after investigation, I found the Hangout Floating Green Icon is starting at the same time when I start the Google chrome browser.

I love Google chrome and it’s features. They have made my life easier and kept me updated, organised in my own way. but Google Hangouts floating green pop-up window opening every time I launched my Chrome browser, especially if I was in a hurry to open the mail and update my status etc. I imagine for people who’ve never used Chrome this is a particularly annoying default setting. This is what the Google hangouts floating green pop-up looks like.

Actually the Google hangout application is using the Google chrome browser to create the user interface. Google Hangout using the chrome’s built in Background Apps feature which allows them to run even after you exit the chrome browser. You can easily get rid of with this interface by following below steps.

Step 1: Click the three-bar menu icon in the upper right corner of Chrome Browser, to get to Chrome Settings.

Step 2: Now move down and click “advanced settings”,Just scroll down little-bit and you will find the “System” section.

Step 3: Remove the check mark from “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed”.


Now Halfway done. Now Google hangout application will not restart if you reboot your computer but it will run the same instance when you start the chrome browser again. To disable this feature also please follow additional steps.

Step 4: Go to the floating Google hangout green icon and click the three bar menu in the upper left corner.


Step 5: Go to “Hangouts app settings” and untick the option “Start Hangout apps when chrome starts”

Hangout-optionsNext time,Hangouts will not get enabled when you start Google chrome.

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