How To Protect Website Images From Hot-linking

Finding out the person who robber-ed your website files  is always a difficult job and time consuming part.Hotlinking may have lot of undesirable consequences.Today I will show you how to get away from content hotlinking.

What is all about  hotlinking ?

Hotlinking otherwise known as Bandwidth theft  is actually a typical robbery on the web by direct linking your website files including images,scripts etc on another web server .Any one viewing your images and videos through other websites  means they are using your own website Bandwidth (Data transferred from your website to user computer),It will make huge impact if on you are on limited hosting.

How to protect your web images, Java Scripts,CSS  ?

dynamicdrive got an easy tool to protect your web images from  those robbers on the internet.The tool will help you to add a restriction on .htaccess file expert for your website.

Point your browser to dynamicdrive and put your website address including sub domains in the dynamic drive interface.Now enter the file types in the second interface that you want to be disallowed from hotlinking.You can  protect your scripts and CSS also in the same method by adding JS and CSS in the file type interface on Dynamic drive.


You are one click away from creating restriction on .HTACCESS file. Just click on enter to generate the code, Now copy the code in to your .HTACCESS file in the root directory of your web server.You done it in minutes!

Now no one can steal your images,if any one even given a try they will get an image broken message.I hope you got an understanding on Hotlinking and how to get away.Don’t forget to leave your comments.


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