9 Awesome Apps For Windows 8 That You Can Try For Free

Windows 8 is coming out later this year, though Microsoft still hasn’t come up with a date, we are all hoping it will be around autumn. Though there are some people who are quite blasé about the whole thing, claiming it will not top Microsoft’s previous offerings in any spectacular way, on the whole, the excitement is pretty thick in the air.

Windows 8 Apps

Windows users are really eager to see what goodies Microsoft is sending their way this time, and everybody is secretly crossing their fingers in the hope that Windows 8 will not be a fiasco like Vista. But one of the reasons so many people are upbeat about the upgrade is that we have had a chance to get a sneak peek at the amazing apps that we will get to use on Windows 8.

At some point of time, you are probably going to have to pay to use some of these apps, but right now, they are totally free, so enjoy fiddling around with them to your heart’s content. Here are some of Microsoft apps for Windows 8 that we loved the most.

1. Sketchbook Express

The Autodesk Sketchbook Express is for all those people out there who like to draw on their computers (not literally though), and if you spent any part of your childhood trying to create masterpieces from MS Paint, you will love the ease with which you can convert the ideas in your mind to actual sketches and paintings with this app.

Sketchbook Express

2. Big Weather

This weather app is simplistic and pleasing to the eye. Laid over a beautiful, detailed photograph, Big Weather offers you all the information you may need about the weather in a particular city for the next couple of days. Other features include weather maps and stats that you can summon with a click.

3. Ashampoo Image FX

This amazing photograph enhancement tool lets you add a touch of the artistic to your pictures, converting the most mundane photographs to dark and interesting works of art. You can even convert your pictures to oil paintings and sketches, or give them endless effects.

Ashampoo Image FX

4. Pirates Love Daisies

Once you recover from the totally random and bizarre assumption given in the app’s name (pirates love daisies? I thought they liked treasure), you will fall in love with this weird game, where you have to stave off vicious, snarling pirates who want to get at your hoard of daisies.

5. Soluto M

If you are good with computers, you probably get a lot of calls from friends and family asking you to fix this problem or install that software. Soluto M makes this much easier by giving you the ability to remotely access the systems of people who need your help but live far away.

Soluto M

6. mSecure

These days, you have more passwords in your lives than you have anything else, so it is really easy to get confused. That is why it might be a good idea to download this brilliant little app, that will keep your passwords all synced and safe, where only you can reach them.

7. Wordament

Word games are not for everybody, but if they work for you, and you are any good at them, this game will keep you busy for hours. It is just a grid of letters from which you have to identify words, but the tournament is open to the whole internet, so you are competing with millions of other geeks to find words.


8. Grantophone

This fun but powerful musical tool will let you create music on your phone. It is so easy to use and unobtrusive that you can concentrate totally on expressing yourself, and leave the technicalities to the app.

9. Doodleinator

I had though doodling was just the nonsense people draw when they are on the phone or bored in class, but this app has turned doodling into an art form. Draw your doodle on Doodleinator, and then animate them to create amazing masterpieces.


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