Dual Booting Windows 8 And Windows 7

Microsoft recently released stable version of the much talked about windows 8 operating system.Windows 8 is expected to become one of the best-ever  update for the windows operating system.In windows 8 you will definitely find some new features and some of your favorite one’s got missing.For example the start button that we found normally in windows task bar ! But you not find it easily in windows 8.But  windows 8 got it’s own advantages,especially if you got a touch display and the awesome quality.Also third party and built in windows 8 apps are there to bring back the start menu and other core windows 7 features  into windows 8.


Don’t upgrade to windows 8 If you are still not aware about the new features.Better you can experience the new features in windows 8 without installing it on computer but I would recommend you to test it on your computer side by side with windows 7.This way you can keep your current setup on windows 7 but also you can test the full fledged Windows 8 operating system.

The first part of installing windows 8 will be started with checking the basic requirements for windows 8 in your existing computer.Please note minimum 1Ghz or faster processor ,1GB or 2GB minimum RAM, 16 GB minimum hard disc space and DirectX 9 Graphics device required for windows 8 to run properly.

Next step is to take the backup of your existing data to be on the safe side.Then partition the existing hard drive on your computer that is presently running windows 7.Be careful extra care should be taken during this process.

To partition your existing hard-drive, go to disk management console in windows 7.You can do this by typing diskmgmt.msc in start search interface.Once you click enter the disk management console will popup and it will show all the drives attached to your computer.

Select the drive and right click then click on Shrink volume, then select your new shrink volume size and finish.If the disk management console was unable to do this job or you got stuck, please use any third party partitioning tool.


Now you got shrink your hard disk, then you will get an unallocated region at the end of the drive.Select it then right click and create a new volume for your proposed windows 8 installation.Done ! we are almost ready for windows 8 installation along with windows 7

Time to download windows 8 upgrade assistant and double click the application to Run it.

windows-8-upgrade assistant

Now the windows 8 upgrade assistant will do a compatibility check to see if Windows 8 can work with your system hardware and installed applications will support windows 8.Once it complete you will be able to know whether your existing system is fully ready to install windows 8 or the compatibility issues will be listed out.Once finish move on and keep what you want to keep any settings from existing system if you wish to upgrade windows 7 to windows 8.

Windows 8-what-you-want

In the next step you will be able to see the order page for windows 8.Click order and complete the payment.


Very soon you will be provided the windows 8 Product key in your email account.

Downloading -windows 8

Now it’s time to download windows 8.Once download is completed and the process is verified proceed with the windows 8 setup.

When the windows 8 Setup starts,don’t click “ install now ” button if you want to dual boot windows 8 with Windows 7 .Choose only “Install by Creating Media” then select  ISO File as the medium and Choose file name,then location for windows 8 iso file.



The time came to burn this downloaded windows 8  ISO file on a DVD and reboot your system to boot from DVD.Same as we done installation of windows 7.Choose the shrinked volume on your hard disk for installation and completed the on screen instructions.

Done !! You are now dual booted windows 8 with Windows 7.Reboot to see the changes.

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