Windows 8 Stable Operating System Will Be Debut In October 2012

Microsoft’s Windows 8 is going to revolutionize your computing experience.Microsoft made more than 10000+ changes to windows 8 operating system up to consumer preview release and when the stable release will be out,the expected changes from the last windows 7 operating system  will be doubled.

Windows 8 already got lot of user reviews starting from the first build itself.Microsoft pushed out windows 8 the developer preview version last year and few weeks before we got the windows 8 consumer preview version.I hope you already tested the consumer preview version.

Microsoft windows team done a great job by pushing out the the modern windows operating system designed specially for touch enabled devices.recently you may be read windows changed their old flag logo to a brand new generation windows logo based on the metro user interface.

As per the latest reports, microsoft will push out the stable windows 8 operating system by summer,sometime around october 2012.


The main attraction of windows 8 operating system will be the metro enabled user interface and the new windows will support both x86 PCs and ARM tablets.Microsoft also revamped the windows control panel,task manager and other new options include Personalize, Users, Wireless, Notifications, General, Privacy, Search, and Share.

In Windows 8 you will be getting 10 times faster data transfer rate with USB 3.0 support drivers.There is lot of new features including windows store for apps,Internet Explorer 10,charms and much more, that we cannot be able to cover in this post.Please wait for few more days,we will bring it in our coming articles.

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