10 Reasons Why WordPress Is The best Platform For Your Website

There is no scope for doubt that WordPress is simply the best platform you can have for blogging, with its user friendliness and huge range of options. But did you know that WordPress is also one of your best options if you are creating a website? A lot of website developers have a preference for HTML Flash, or other Content Management System (CMS) software such as Drupal. But more and more people are coming around to the fact that nothing really beats WordPress when it comes to finding an appropriate and ideal platform for your site.


Still not convinced? Still viewing WordPress as a software exclusively for bloggers? Read on to find out why you cannot afford to overlook the benefits of WordPress as a platform for your website.

1.  Get WordPress from any domain

No matter what your domain name is, you can download the WordPress software from their website. In fact, several servers have a single click option that lets you download the WordPress software directly.

2. You can make your own changes

Once you have gotten your site on track, you can stop worrying about who would be the right persons to hire when you want to make a change to your page, and how much you will be forced to shell out to them at regular intervals. WordPress lets you make changes to your customisation even if you have no technical knowledge.

3. WordPress is open source

The WordPress software is not only free, it is open source, which means anyone can improve and update the code. This makes for an excellent product which you can find readily on the internet and do not need to purchase.

4. Compete access

This is a software you can access from any and every system that has internet, not just the system you downloaded it into. Which means that you can update and make changes to your site from your work computer, your home computer, a friend’s house, and even your smartphone while you are travelling.

5. Free updates

The WordPress software gets updated every few days, and there is no fine lines saying that though the software is free, you have to pay for updates. You can just download the updates with a simple click, or even authorise WordPress to do it for you. And yes, at no added price.

6. Attractive themes

There is no place like WordPress for themes. Themes of all colors, styles, and requirements abound for this platform. If you are running your website on a tight budget, you will be thrilled at the shher variety of free themes available. Browse through this website or this just to get an idea abouit the amazing and free themes available. But if you have a few bucks to spare, you will be well advised to invest in a premium theme, which is bound to be even more awesome and flexible than the free ones. Here is a suggested start to your hunt for the perfect theme.

7. Identical titles and fonts

Chances are that your site will have more than one contributor. But what if each writer uses his or her own favorite fonts for titles and posts? Can you imagine how ridiculous and non-continuous your site will look like on the whole? WordPress themes come with CSS built in, so no matter how many times you change themes, or the number of contributors, you can be sure your page will have a consistent look and design.

8. The flexibility of plugins

WordPress has some amazing plugins that can add a lot of value and utility to your site. These plugins are light, and mostly free. Some brilliant WordPress plugins include FaceBook like button, Flickr photo galleries, slideshows, and plugins that let the reader select the size of text, and the language they want to read the page in.

9. Social media

WordPress makes it really easy for you to promote your site on social media like FaceBook, Twitter, and Flicker. People visiting your site get an option to share your content on their own social network. And these networks act like feeders for your site.

10. Awesome SEO exposure

WordPress is extremely easy for search engine spiders to crawl, so it becomes easier for engines to find you than your non-WordPress competition. WordPress makes linkbacks a very viable form of exposure.

Do you have a site on a WordPress platform? What sort of benefits have you received from it? Let us know in the comments.

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