How to delete Google Chrome browsing history

As you know when you surf online All web browsers keeps track of the sites you have visited, the addresses you have typed in, the words you searched for at Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and other evidence of what you were doing. Web browsers use this information later to deliver fast browser experience to you but there are chances for any spy programs or hijackers to stole your stored information.

I recommend you delete the browsing history and clean up your computer every week so that the tracks of your surfing activities are no longer visible to anyone. Today I will show you how to clear the browsing history on Google Chrome browser.

Step 1: Go to Google Chrome settings icon and click on options tab

Google Chrome Options

Step 2: Click on “under the Hood” and go to Privacy tab.


Step 3: Now click on clear browsing data.Mark ¬†all the seven option to delete the entire chrome web history.If you want to keep your saved passwords;unmark “clear saved password option”.


Now the tracks of your surfing activities on Google Chrome browser are no longer visible to anyone.

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