7 Practical Tips For Getting More Video Views

Having a video is one of the safest and easier ways of increasing traffic on your web page. These videos need some attention by the way of the number of eye balls one can garner and the kind of advertisements that these videos get, so that more and more people view these.

For increasing the viewership of your videos there are some tips which are being shared below:

  • One of the best and the inexpensive way to generate traffic to your videos is by placing the videos on the blog that you write. Adding the videos will not only increase the viewership for your blog but also make the visitor check the video/s that has been placed on the blogs. Plus since a blog can again be linked to the social media so that will again help in increasing the viewership of the videos.
  • Allowing others to share your videos also is an effective way of increasing the traffic on your videos. If we allow the same than we give others a chance to share our videos on other blogs and even on other social networking sites. Such sharing is fruitful for us as it helps our videos by being watched by more people.
  • The location where your video is being show cased also is an important factor in attracting traffic on your video. If the video is placed on the front or home page of your website than it has more chances of being viewed by the web page visitors, but in case the video is placed at later pages than it might be ignored. Also, one should try and put the video in a very strategic manner so that a visitor to the web page will view the same.
  • With search engine optimization changing the whole game, it is very important that the video is named keeping in mind how difficult or easy will it be people to find it out on the internet. Keeping a nice or a funny name will work till your video will show in the search page of various search engines. Plus, it is important that the name of the video is brought out as key words in various blogs and web pages so that it gets the leverage.
  • It is important that the existing fan following or users that your web site or blogs enjoy is used for increasing viewership for the video. The existing junta is very important for spreading the name of your video and these can be used for good word of mouth advertising.
  • One can try and offer some incentives or gifts for people who visit your web site or blog and watch your video. The generic public loves being awarded and are always keen to participate in various contests online. So, tagging a good and a easy contest along with the video is a sure shot way of increasing viewership of your video.
  • Lastly, getting inspired is good but then simply copying the way you make your video from someone else will not go down well with the public. One should stay as authentic as one can and not copy what you have seen from other web site. It is important to maintain the aesthetics of the video while remaining true to yourself.

It can be clearly concluded that though the above points are not exhaustive but still if one follows these than you can surely look at a north wards movement in the viewership of your videos online. It is not possible to predict the correct mantra but then these would certainly help in a positive manner.

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