2 Smart Ways To Unlock Your PC After Forgetting Windows Login

As they say, every coin has two sides; Windows is the amazing OS that offers the best of all services. However, the fact remains that it has few drawbacks which sometimes can make you feel bad about having chosen it as your OS.

All those who are already using the Windows be it Vista, XP or 7 certainly  are aware of the password protection facility. We all are living in the technologically advanced era and its a blessing being the part of it. Most of our tasks are easily done with the techie gadgets. But one thing we all still get bugged up on is remembering the passwords. From emails to social networking sites and systems we have to remember number of passwords.


Talking about the system password protection, I personally hate people checking my system without my consent for which I have been using the password protection. Frankly, it is very difficult to remember the passwords and when it comes to system password there is no option to retrieve it as in the case of online passwords.

Well, you exactly can’t say that incase we forget our system password there is zero probability of retrieving it. Here, we have come up with the two smart solutions that will give you a big sigh of relief though it’s totally dedicated to Windows 7 and Vista. For all those using these will surely find this writeup valuable piece. Even if you don’t, there is no harm in gaining knowledge; you never know it might be of help at any point of time. We offer two smart options to reset the forgotten Windows 7/Vista passwords. Read on and regain access to your computer smartly!

Reset your Windows login password the Super Legit Way

Well, you all might be well aware of the built-in password reset feature in Windows. If you are smart enough to do the bit of homework or I must say precautionary preparation before you forget your login, it’s actually a very smart feature.


In resetting your Windows login password the Super Legit Way, user needs to create a password recovery disk that can be any removable USB drive or floppy disk depending upon what you choose.

Step – 1. Do a Windows Search for ‘Password Reset Disk’ in which ‘Create a password reset disk’ is the first option. Select it. This will open the ‘Forgotten Password Wizard’.

Step – 2. The introductory screen comprises of details regarding the basics. Read it and click next. Select the disk you wish to use for password recovery. Select the removable drive and click next.


Step – 3.  On the next screen that will appear in front of you, you will have to enter your current password. After you have entered the password click next to begin creation of the password recovery disk.

To wrap up, simply click the ‘reset password’ link that appears below the login screen and follow the on-screen steps, select the appropriate disk and enter the new password to unlock your system.

Reset your Windows password the not-so-Legit way


We human beings tend to procrastinate things till we are  into the major trouble. If incase you fall into the situation where your Windows get locked without the legitimate recovery option, you can unlock it in the not-so-Legit way. Here, third-party password cracking tool comes into play. Ophcrack is a tool that uses something called a ‘rainbow table’ to guess your password and help you unlock your system.


Step -1. Download the .ISO and then burn it to a CD. Doing this will help you create a live CD that you can boot from. Many computers these days are set to boot from any bootable CD by default but there are chances that you might need to change your BIOS options to make your optical drive the first in your boot order.

Step – 2.  Once you boot via the Ophcrack Live CD, select a mode. Use the automatic one.

With further more steps you will see black screens with running lines of text before you finally enter into the Ophcrack menu and beginning the cracking process. Once it is able to crack the password it appears in the right-hand column on the main window.

The word of caution: Ophcrack won’t work against strong passwords that use many random characters especially in the case of Vista/7 password. It is a bit time consuming task. How much time it will take will depend on the password you are trying to crack. Simpler the password, quicker is the process! Newbie people might get baffled in the first go if they face any bug/error or troubleshooting issues. However, it’s actually worth the efforts to spare some time and crack down the password of your system.

Crux of the story is that indeed these methods are available but these aren’t perfect or you can say the sure short ways. It needs proper prepration beforehand to recover your Windows password through the legitimate method. While Ophcrack on the other hand is open source software with issues of its own. Either ways there is no harm giving them a shot; you never know if the luck is in your favor and you are able to unlock your system with ease.

Last but not the least, if all your efforts don’t prove fruitful and you are sure that your password is a complex one, we will suggest you to reinstall Windows after you have recovered your files before reinstalling. Be smart; play safe and keep the password of your system short and easy that you can remember; certainly not too easy for others to crack it.

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