A Perfect Guide To Use Parental Controls On OS X Mountain Lion

Are you afraid that your kid uses your Mac when you are not at home? Do you want to restrict the usage time for internet to kids? The new OS X Mountain Lion has come up with full parental control over which sites to block, the usage time or even access to multiplayer online games. This will allow the kid to learn and use internet in the most preventive way and providing a secure place to sit back and enjoy the fun to be on World Wide Web. The parental control feature of the new OS enables you to keep a track of the websites your kids go through, their chat details and games they played.

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Not only kids you can even control restrictions for any outsider who has asked to borrow your laptop. You can prevent any CD to be burned or administer the printer usage. Not only controlling the content of the internet, you might also be afraid of losing some important files, thus you need to create a separate account for kids or outsiders.  The whole idea is to provide the full freedom to kids and still keeping them safe

  • Go in the systems preference folder and click on the Parental Controls. You need to be the administrator or know the password, when you will click on the bottom left corner of the screen to unlock the folder.
  • Next you will see list of the accounts of the kids you have created on the top left corner. Select the account on which you need to define the control.
  • After this there will be a page with 3-4 tabs to choose over different control. The first tab says Apps, which can be used to restrict any number of Apps you want the kid to gain access. You can even set the age limit for downloading and limit the Finder for kids.
  • At this page you can click on the logs to check the previous application which have been used and then manually block the access to them.
  • The next option is Web, which is to limit the access to websites. You can block the adult websites through this option and even allow access to limited number of websites.
  • The third option is of People. This will be used to control chats with limited number of people and permission to use multiplayer online games.
  • The next is the important control, that is, Time Usage. This is the best way to restrict the usage of the internet when you are not around. You can define the number of hours on a weekday and weekend separately and thus encourage them to get out of the computer mode all the time. It has a unique feature of placing a bedtime, thus informing the kid to not use the internet at night time.
  • The last feature is of controlling external services on the laptop; like CD, DVD burning, Printer access and dictation application. Dictation application will hide away inappropriate words in dictionary.

You can even remotely manage the settings, thus even if kids have their own Macs you can still control the settings for the same. You can simply copy settings for one kid to another. So once you have done the settings simply copy it to the rest of the kids.

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