How To Enable Two Step Verification For Gmail

As you know, Millions of Gmail account information got leaked recently by some Russian forums, So it is time to enable the two step verification for any Google account that is important to you.

We can’t blame Google for the leak because we use the same password in multiple places and coupled with the address leak, crackers have started trying each address in combination with some known passwords to attempt to login to your account.

So it’s time to enable the two step authentication for our online properties. Today I will show you how to setup the two step verification for Google accounts.

What is Two Step Verification ?

For example in-order to log into any Google account or any service for which you have enabled two step verification, you are generally prompted to enter your user name and password, after which the service or account texts you or otherwise sends to a phone you enroll a one-time code that you will enter in the next step of the login process. By enabling this protection, the leaking of your password or some other compromise of its integrity does not threaten your account, because any nefarious characters would also need to have access to your enrolled phone, which is generally something that is always in your possession. Something you have and something you know.

Setup Google Two Step Verification

Step 1 : To begin the process, visit the Google 2-Step Verification page and click the blue Get Started button in the middle of the page.

Google Two step verification

Step 2: click the blue Start Setup button at the far right of the page.2 step verification

Step 3: Now enter the phone number where you can receive the text message or one time password from Google. You can either choose a voice call from an automated robot or a simple SMS text message.

setup phone Gmail

Step 4 : Now confirm the code that was sent to the phone number you entered in step 3.

verify google account

Step 5: You can choose to trust the computer you are using to enroll two step verification. If it is your main PC or device, you can save some time.

Step 6: Finally Just click verify button to confirm.

Verify Google Two Step Verification

Once you have enabled 2 step verification sign in to your Google account and perform the following steps to verify:

  1. Enter your user name and password on the sign in page.

  2. Google will then send a code via SMS text, a voice telephone call, or the Google smart phone app, which is available for iOS and Android devices.

  3. Now enter this code on the Google page to verify that you are who you say you are.

    verification gmail

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