5 Excellent Security Plugins To Make WordPress Secure

WordPress is the most popular platform today for blogging, and it is also becoming a favorite choice for online businesses and topic based web pages. Not surprisingly, this has brought WordPress to the notice of hackers and spammers around the world. Whether their intention is to close down just for fun the page you worked so hard on, or to ruin your reputation and goodwill with your clients, hackers mean bad news.

So how can you protect your WordPress page from a possible hack attack? While there is no such thing as 100 percent protection, here are five awesome plugins that will keep your blog reasonably safe from the ambush of hackers, spammers, and virus.

1. Login Lockdown

Every time there is a failed login attempt on your WordPress page, this plugin keeps a record of the IP Address from which the attempt was made, and the time of the attempt. If too many failed attempts are made from a particular IP address in a certain period of time, all requests from that plugin will be ignored. This fends off attacks by force hackers who try to guess your password over thousands of attempts. Use this with other login protection plugins like Stealth Login, that lets you customize your login URL, and Chap Secure, to encrypt your password.


2. Theme Authenticity Checker

If you are anything like me, you dress up your blog in a new theme at least once a week. Because third party providers offer so many themes that are usually more attractive than the WordPress, they become hard to resist, especially since they are mostly free. But whenever you are using a free theme that you got from somewhere other than WordPress, you run the risk of contaminating your system or your blog. The TAC searches for and highlights any suspicious codes in every theme that you install, thus warning you about unsafe themes.

Theme Authenticity Checker

3. Defensio Anti-Spam

Protect yourself and your readers from annoying spams with this plugin, which learns and adapts to your behavior and those of your readers, to identify a spammer efficiently. Also, be sure to use regular spam protection such as one of the Captcha plugins, Akismet anti-spam, or the Math Comment plugin that requires a commentor to answer a simple math question.

4. WP Security Scan

If you aren’t good with codes and stuff, this plugin will help you identify exactly how and where your account is vulnerable to attack, and will give you some recommendation about how to correct it.

5. My EASY Backup

No matter how many precautions you take, the risk remains that something will go wrong and you will lose all the data on your WordPress account, which is why it is very crucial to take backup. The My EASY Backup plugin reduces taking backup to a single click task. A compressed data set file is created that can be stored outside the WordPress directory.


So be sure to use the plugins mentioned here to give your WordPress account maximum protection, and give your worries about hacking a break.

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