5 Ways To Connect Your Laptop To Television Set

In this technologically advanced era we are genuinely blessed with innovatively cool hi-tech gadgets. Gone are the days when people used to prefer PCs, today the availability of cool laptops/tablets and other similar gadgets in reasonable range has made these the first choice of tech savvys. However, laptops as you all know have small screens and playing computer games on these is not as exciting as it is like playing on a big television screen. Besides this, watching photos and movies is much more exciting on TV providing us the new level of comfort.

Connect Your Laptop To Television

The best way to do this is connecting laptop to your television without any fuss. Trust me that you don’t need expensive equipment or any special skills for connecting your laptop to your television. Depending upon the type of ports of your laptop (VGA or DVI, S-Video or HDMI), there are different ways to connect laptop to TV.

Inspect your laptop and television and identify the connections. If you wish to read about the best possible ways to connect your laptop to the television then you got to scroll down. Don’t forget to share your views and let us know which way you find the most convenient for yourself.

Connect with S-Video

S-Video (Super-Video) is a more advanced analog video connector that uses a four-prong round plug, like the ones used for TV cable installations. There are separate audio cables like those of RCA connector, left audio/white, and right audio/red. S-Video is commonly found on older TV sets and some laptops.


Connect with DVI

DVI and HDMI are used for transferring high-definition video to televisions supporting HD and/or Full HD video signal. Check if your TV has DVI port for if it’s there you will need DVI-to-DVI cable. However, lot many modern television sets are equipped with HDMI ports that makes it easier for user to connect laptop to television using DVI-to-HDMI cable.

Connect with DVI

Connect with VGA

Connecting with VGA is the simplest of all for connecting your laptop to TV just that both your laptop and television should have necessary VGA-ports. Simply, open a Windows control panel and adjust the double display feature in the settings of graphics adapter. Thereafter, you need to select VGA as a source of signal on your TV.

Connect with VGA

Connect with HDMI

The easiest way to connect laptop to TV is through HDMI interface. With High-Definition Multimedia Interface it becomes possible to simultaneously transfer both high-definition video and high-quality audio signals.


Connect with Wireless Converter

With wireless converters you can easily connect your notebook/laptop/PC with your television set. Warpia StreamHD VE Edition Wireless PC to TV Full 1080P lets you connect your laptop with television with ease.

Wireless Converter

The abovementioned ways enable you to connect your laptop with television without much fuss. After you have connected your laptop with your television set simply adjust the settings as per your choice and enjoy your favorite games or watch movies/pictures.


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