6 Excellent SEO Tips For Year 2012

The thing about Search Engine Optimization is that it is constantly evolving, and if you do not change your tactics to suit the needs of the hour, you are going to be left behind. Every day, some new SEO technique is being discovered, and website owners are in a constant race to get ahead of each other in terms of traffic and website visibility.

So, just because you had some brilliant SEO strategy in 2011 that worked miraculously for your website, it does not mean that those strategies will help you 2012. They have probably already become so obsolete that others have used them and discarded them. So what we have for you are some SEO tips that are both intelligent and relevant in the current year.

1. There is no substitute for quality content

I know what you are thinking; there is nothing new about this. True enough, quality of content was the king of SEO in the past, and it continues its reign. By quality content, I mean you should be writing for people, not machines, and your articles, or whatever your website contains, should have something that positively contributes to the reader’s life. The days are over when website owners could just hire cheap writers and get them to connect a couple of key words, and pass that off as content.


2. Make your web content scannable for mobiles

These days, more and more people are accessing the net through their mobiles, so it will be a very worthwhile decision for you to make your website mobile friendly. If someone visits your site for the first time, and finds that it is easy to navigate on a smartphone, they are going to keep coming back, and will possibly recommend your site to other phone users.

3. Hire an SEO consultant worth his fee

Hiring an SEO consultant means that you are going to have to pay through your nose, but it is so essential to the health of your website that you cannot avoid it. Just make sure the consultant is not robbing you blind, and you are actually getting service worth your money. Before you hire a consultant, be sure to check their credentials. And if you are not getting results over a long term, don’t hesitate to fire them.

4. Make sure most of your photos and video are original

Most of the sites on the net just rehash what other sites have published, using stock photos or images used previously by other sites to illustrate their articles. If your site has nothing new to offer, search engines will automatically treat you like stale garbage. Your images should be self clicked or created, and the same goes for your videos. Remember, the key to increased traffic is value addition and originality.

 photos and video

5. Share your content on social networking

Social networking has become a force to contend with, and one of the biggest and most effective platforms to advertise or publicize anything. Whatever your website is about, be sure to make it accessible for people using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Also, do leave an option for them to share the content on their social networks if they like.

6. Don’t let your website take too long to upload

The average span of time a visitor will wait for your site to open before they chuck it and go somewhere else is three seconds. Yes, if your website is taking longer than that to load, not only are you losing visitors and clients, but your search engine ranking is also going for a dive. Take the steps necessary to make your website lighter and faster.

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