6 iPad Apps That Look Awesome Even Without Retina Display

If you use one of the older iPad models, and have no plans right now to upgrade to the latest version, you must already be heartily sick of all this talk about the Retina Display feature in the new iPad. There is no denying the fact that Retina Display does in fact give the new iPad a vibrant, extremely pleasant look. The high pixel concentration gives a sharp relief to images and text, and makes it easy for people to stare at the iPad screen for a long period of time. The Retina Display brings apps to life, and you cannot escape the fact that almost every single app looks amazing on the new iPad.

Does this mean that if you are using iPad 2, you have no way of enjoying fantastic looking apps? Well, actually, there are several apps that look stunning, Retina Display or no Retina Display. So if you really wish you could have stunning looking apps on your iPad, you don’t have to consider getting rid of it and buying the latest version. You can just download a few of these six mesmerizing apps that will look awesome even without Retina Display.

1. Magical Weather

For two dollars, this app is a delight to the eye. Even on the older iPad, it gives suck a lovely visual representation of the weather that you will find yourself turning it on just to see the clouds move lazily on your iPad screen, or the rain beat against. Apart from your current location, it lets you see the weather in several other places, and also provides a detailed grid giving you all sorts of important weather information.

2. Monolith Loop

It is an extraordinarily simple app, and it’s not even useful in any real way, but Monolith Loop is still one of the prettiest apps we have seen. All you have is a monochromatic screen, with a single rich color of your choice, on which you can put white drops. Each drop resonates with a musical note. The blending of beautiful colors makes this free app very soothing for tired eyes.

3. Paper by Fifty Three

The free version of this app does not have too many features, but it is still simply the most eye catching drawing app for iPad. The huge white paper like screen brings out the artist in you, making you want to create masterpieces. The shaded gray background to the gallery gives a somber touch even to your most silly drawings.

4. Stuck on Earth

If you love travelling, but find yourself stuck in your office, Stuck on Earth will bring you a lot of relief, with its collection of breathtaking photographs from the most charming places on earth. Stuck on Earth is also a useful application for those who are planning a vacation. The delightful pictures will cheer you up even on a very bad day.

5. National Geographic Today

For a fresh dose of captivating photographs of animals in the wild and nature in all its glory, download the Nat Geo Today app for free. Nat Geo’s pictures feel like a breath of open air in your busy schedule when you hardly have time to stop and smell the roses.

6. Magic Window

Magic Window is the ultimate de-stressing app. A soothing picture of nature, like a sunset or a sunrise, is displayed on your screen, accompanied by relaxing music and chirping of birds. The images are interactive, and time lapse, which means you can slowly see the sky on your screen getting darker as the sun sets. It really is worth every cent of its price of $2.

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