7 Cool Facebook Tips You Probably Didn’t Know About

These days, if you are on the internet, chances are that you use Facebook. Whether it’s to get in touch with old friends, plan events, participate in discussions, share pictures, or just have a chat, Facebook has become very much a part of our day to day lives. It is bringing people together every day, building relationships, growing friendships, helping people find business partners or groups with common interests.

Cool Facebook Tips

But like in all social networks, Facebook too has some secret tips that only very regular and pro users know about. Are you sure you are getting maximum benefits out of your Facebook account? Are you able to use it to the full? Here are seven awesome tricks and tips that will make your Facebook experience much better and much more fulfilling.

1. Update your Facebook without opening it

Many offices have wised up to their employee’s social networking habits. If your workplace has blocked Facebook, or you are afraid they may be keeping tabs, you can still write on your wall and keep your friends updated, by using either hellotxt or ping.fm

2. Get rid of the ads on your profile

Don’t you just hate it when you see all the irrelevant and irritating ads on your profile and around your wall? With the Facebook Cleaner tool, you can purge your page of annoying ads and updates. If there are any vendors whose ads or updates you are interested in receiving, you can specify that to the software, and it will make the necessary exceptions.


3. Schedule your Facebook messages

If you are going on a vacation, and you are worried that you won’t be able to keep your wall updated or will miss wishing your friends on their birthdays, you can simply write your updates and messages beforehand and schedule them to be published later, via Sendible. This tool lets you decide the time, date, and order in which you want your status posts published, and you can also specify which of your friends you want to send a message to, and when they should get it.

4. Chat without opening Facebook

Again, if you are using a computer where Facebook is blocked, or takes too long to load, you don’t have to go without chatting. You can simply place your Facebook chat window on your Firefox sidebar, by following these steps:

a) Select Organize Bookmarks from the Bookmark tab on your Firefox Window.

b) Select New Bookmark, and enter the name and location, and check ‘Load this bookmark in sidebar’

c) Launch Firefox sidebar

Alternatively, you can open your Facebook chat window from your Windows desktop by using either gabtastik or digsby, ehich are site specific browsers for web chat services.

 web chat services

5. Post your WordPress Posts to your Facebook Wall

If you are a blogger, then you probably know that Facebook can be a very useful tool for publicizing your blog. If you let your friends know what you have written, and they in turn share it with their friends, it will automatically generate readership for you. With a plugin called Wordbook, that you can download and plug into your WordPress blog, you can easily ensure that every time you post on your blog, your Facebook wall gets updated.

6. Display only selected friends on your page

Unless you have already shifted to Facebook Timeline, you will notice that Facebook randomly displays any of your friends’ profile pictures on your profile. But what if you don’t want to show the world that you are friends with someone? Or what if you want your best friend’s picture to be always on the top? Simple, go to your Friends tab, click on the Edit pencil, and specify how many friends you want shown, and who should always be there.

7. Share Filckr photos to Facebook

How boring it must be to upload your pictures on Facebook when they are already up on Flickr, especially if your camera directly uploads to your Flicker account. Flickr2Facebook is an amazing tool by which you can directly share your Flicker photos on Facebook.


These are only a few best of numerous tricks that can be used on Facebook. I hope you liked these tips and found them as useful as I did. Meanwhile, Happy Facebooking!


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