7 Important Things Every First Time Android User Should Know

Before we delve into the things that every first time Android user should be aware of, let’s give our readers a brief on what is an Android- an Android is basically a Linux based operating system which is used by mobile devices. Google has developed this operating system and today this OS (short for operating system) is being used by mobile companies like Samsung, HTC and Motorola for use in their phones and tablets.

Some of the things that any every first time user of the Android operating system should know of are mentioned below:

What are desserts, as related to Android?

Desserts are names given by Google to any new updates that it makes to the operating system and are named in an alphabetical manner for easy tracking. Some of the “desserts” are Éclair, Froyo, Ginger bread, Honey Comb and the latest being Ice Cream Sandwich.

Do we have apps or applications with Android?

Yes, the Android system does come with a plethora of apps which can be downloaded from the app market popularly known as Google Play. Apart from the Google Play, Amazon has also come up with its very own app store for Android users.

Can one use social networking sites like Twitter, Face book on Android platform?

Absolutely, social networking sites have become an important part of our daily lives and one can definitely use these on the Android enables phones. All you need is that you have your internet activated for your phone or tablet.

The Android operating system looks different on phones made by Samsung and HTC. Why is it so?

The system that Google makes is the same for all the companies. But before putting up the operating system on their respective devices, separate mobile companies makes some changes to the Android as per their principles or requirements. Such small tweaks are called “skins” and are used for differentiating phones from different manufacturers.

How easy or difficult is it for downloading apps on my phone or tablet? Do I have to sync my device with a computer for doing the same?

It is a cake walk to download apps on your device. All you need to remember is Google Play. All the apps are available in the Google Play. And, for downloading apps you need not be connected with your computer as the Android apps are self sufficient and download themselves once activated. Though yes, in case you want to browse the apps on a bigger screen than what your phone or tablet can provide than you can always go to the Google play website and do the same.

How does one transfer data, movies, music, pictures between a phone or a tablet and the computer?

We have something called a “dropbox” which is readily available for free download on the internet. You can install the same on both your phone or tablet and the computer. Once downloaded and installed, simply transfer data like music, movies, pictures to your dropbox on the computer and once you log in your dropbox account on your phone or tablet you will be pleasantly surprised to find all the data for use on your phone or tablet too. Plus, one can always connect the phone or the tablet with the computer and transfer data using the USB port.

Is a Google account important for using Android enabled devices?

Absolutely, it is very important to have a Google account for using any Android enabled device.

Do remember the above points and make your use of the Android system memorable and easy.


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