A Quick Guide To Use Your iOS Device As Wireless Network Camera

Cameras today have become very useful device in day to day life. A camera is used to click photographs and make video clips. These photographs and video clips can be seen or viewed any time by the user. They are like a memory elements. A normal human brain have tendency to keep things up to a certain period but after that periods the memories fades. So the cameras help a lot as a memory element that captures various moments.

The cameras were invented for these purposes but slowly engineers and scientists developed and updated with a new design. They made it efficient to be used for security purposes. The Surveillance cameras can be installed in any public, official or non official areas. Today the manpower has got such a big worth that it is not possible to hire security guards everywhere. These cameras have replaced the manual system to an automated system. They shoot the videos and photograph of the area in which they are installed and store them on a local memory device. Thus they keep a regular record of all the information. You can see them installed in public places like hospitals, railways, banks, and many more places.

Wireless Network Camera

It is very obvious that for the purpose of security you will definitely need to install a special camera. A normal camera cannot play the role of Surveillance camera. These cameras are used officially. But what if you want to use it unofficially or with minimum cost? You will definitely remain spellbound to note that the camera, inside your phone, can fulfill your need. You must be amazed on hearing this. But this is exactly true if you have an iOS device i.e. iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or an android based device.

For doing this you must need to consider the following steps:

On iPhone, iPad or iPod

Step 1:

You must need to download the app “Wireless Camera” from the app store. It would be available at the cost around $2 only.

The Wireless Camera Application will automatically start a website on your network that you can access by locating your browser to your device IP address.

Step 2:

now you have to open the app and tweak the setting to meet your requirements. Check “Motion Detection“and “Add Timestamp“, and check “Enabled” at the top to start the recording from your device.

Step 3:

It’s all almost done now. Now you can place your device at the location where you want to place and finally it will begin the surveillance.

You can also click on the “View Recorded images” to view the gallery where the camera recordings are kept. The device address is displayed on the iPhone in the lower right corner.

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