Apple’s Mac Pro To Be Retired ?

The zap cool Mac Pro has indeed managed to woo very few buyers who are increasingly drawn towards the thunderbolt mechanism. So Apple doesn’t need to pump out more of these high end machines.

The Mac-pro, given its professional usability, had developed the reputation of being an exception in the Apple Computer line, mainly designed keeping consumer requirements in mind. It is tagged with a greater base price figure compared to the iMac and features a myriad of over the roof options. A combination of such factors has caused the Mac Pro’s stronger counterparts to edge the former out from the race.

There are, in fact, quite a few insider reports on the ultimate fate that awaits Mac Pro. Executive belonging to Apple Company have come out with their own reasons. To begin with, with sales reports depressing enough and figures dwindling on a regular basis, it makes little sense profit wise to continue manufacturing them further. Apple, in particular, has always adopted a professional and emotion-free approach when it came to computers that weren’t really fetching as much profits as they were expected to. The G4 cube was a case in point. Introduced during mid 2000, the line was withdrawn from the racks a year later following big time public disapproval. The sales figures for Desktops aren’t impressive either, Tablets and notebooks being the biggest saving graces for Apple.

It is common knowledge now that Apple has gone downhill with desktop sales, yet the Mac Pro’s figures have never been declared in front of an in-house crowd. An honor solely enjoyed by iMac-the jack of all trades machine from the Apple stable.

The prime reason Mac Pro has never really been the center of discussion at any Apple event springs from the simple logic that there is little about the machine the company really bothers for. When it comes to magnificent sales reports, Apple makes sure that it draws the limelight.


There is yet another chance left for Apple to meet the expandability demands if it uses the new thunderbolt technology. Thunderbolt devices are on the verge of allowing video-capture cards. With a Thunderbolt around, RAID devices get connected directly much faster and as an added bonus, users enjoy multiple displays too.

There is still a consumer base for the Mac Pro, obviously never to forget that these customers do not fall under the purview of Apple’s target crowd. The fact that Apple is focused solely on its consumers was demonstrated back in 2010 when the Xserve was discontinued and the Final Cut Pro revamped keeping both the professional and non-professional crowd in mind.

The secret behind Apple’s success lies in its resolve to maintain a compact product line. This allows the Company to concentrate on selective products only instead of wandering aimlessly through a web of devices. The Mac Pro, being quite detached from the Company’s prime business priorities, is not likely to have a smooth run.

It goes without saying that a good many Mac Pro users will be disappointed if the product leaves the markets suddenly. The thunderbolt may still be able to come up with a number of options to expand externally, compared to limitations in the past. It ultimately makes sense if Apple continues to churn out products that ensure wide attention.

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