Best Online Resources To Find iPhone/iPad Apps And Accessories

Apps are awesome, they have varied features, and they enhance phone functionality, helping us get our things done more efficiently and in style. And if you happen to use an iDevice (Apple product), the number of available apps is as large as 700,000!

With such a huge collection and since many app has more or less the same functionality, the quest to search for the best apps for you could be really tiring. Well, you don’t need to worry much, as I have compiled a list of app store and accessories you can visit and get the best applications.


You don’t really have to go anywhere, while you are expressing yourself to your friends on facebook, search for App Store, or visit and there you will explore an exciting world of applications. Besides getting to know about new applications every day, you can also see what people from other side of the world are getting addicted to. The page dhas exciting segments like “App of the week”, and lists the collection of high rated applications.

facebook -app-store

Appolicious (

Appolicious has got a great team working behind the curtain that writes about amazing apps. The site is enriched with great options to find apps, they have a directory, list of advanced apps, an App library builder, and not to forget the handful pick by their staffs. Their directory may resemble to App Store’s, but unlike them, Appolicious also features expensive subcategories. For instance, the Book category is sub categorized into Audio books, Classics, Children’s books, and E-reader.


Speaking of lists, the site has got over 4,000 curated lists of apps on many different topics. The search box is really powerful and cleverly designed, that lets you search a particular subcategory.

iPhone Application List (

iPhone Application List takes it to another level. The site features great search and organizing features. So if as an example, I search for “Task Killer”, the site will not only arrange all the task killing software, but also the video review, and index of blogs that have written about it, along with the forum discussion from their own site. It also sorts out the app returned in a search in accordance with its price, the number of time it has been viewed, and many more filters. You can also filter out to one centric device. It also has a section that tells people about the apps whose price has gone down.

iphone apps list

Macworld (

Come and see the Macworld’s app collection for once, and you might never go anywhere else!

The site has got a powerful search engine that lets you sort out the results in variety of ways. Macworld ratings are very trustworthy. It also lets you search in a particular category.

 Note: If you have already searched for some app from some category, and the next thing you wish to search for belongs to some other category, you will have to deselect the search filter first.


Another eye catching feature of this site is its “Essential Collection” section, where you will find thousands of top performance apps that will enlighten your experience.

iLounge (

iLounge can be handy, if you are looking for accessories for you iPhone or iPad. It reviews and rates all the accessories and categorizes them to over 90 sections, making it easier for user to get what exactly they are looking for. You should also check out their free Buyer’s Guides and eBooks for extensive information on the best apps and accessories.


AppAdvice (

The site is all about iPhone and iPad apps, there is App-lists and App-guides to fulfill all your app needs. One interesting thing about AppAdvice is their “Appisodes” where they post video reviews of latest apps.


AppShopper (

AppShopper is a great resource, has got great outlook. Has a row of buttons across the top, that lets you sort your app search with various filter.

iMore (

As the name would suggest, it also has great collection of apps, and well organized categorical listing.


And last but certainly not the least; don’t forget to look on your iTunes software. It too has great category for apps, with sections such as Editor’s choice and New and Noteworthy, this remains one of the best resource to download your apps.

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