Top 10 Best Blackberry Apps Of Year 2012

Blackberry phones are quite popular among people as they are quite easy to use and have almost everything which one would need to get connected with the world. They have Blackberry messenger, cool email client, internet and more. Additionally, there are a plethora of cool Blackberry apps which make the phone even more special. In this article you would get to know about the top 10 coolest apps for Blackberry which received a lot of hype in the current year.

1) iMazing

iMazing is a wonderful gesture based message management app for Blackberry. When you would receive a mail you would be greeted with a slide out drawer which would then display the name of the sender, date, subject line and additional information. You can even preview the messages by simply touching them. And for making the messages as read you can swipe left.

2) Handy scanner

There are times when you would want to scan documents but don’t have any handy scanner available. Well, with Handy Scanner you can do that. You can make the use of the Playbook to take a snap of any document you want and with the help of Handy Scanner the image would be automatically converted into PDF file. You can thus, email the file easily to any person.

3) Brain Cube reloaded

Brain Cube is the classic roll-the-rectangular prism across square tiles game which is now available for BB users. The motive of the game is same- you have to roll the rectangular prism across the maze in order to reach a specific point. The trick is that the rectangular prism would only fit in some of the tiles and you have to find a path with which you could reach the destination.

4) Bomberman Vs Zombies

The game is just the same like the classic Bomberman game but is also has Zombies to make the things interesting. There are a variety of bombs in the game which also explode in different ways. All you have to do is make the use of appropriate bombs to kill zombies.

5) Photo Studio app

As the name implies, this app would help you edit your photos and add your favorite effects to them to make them look even better. You can also add frames to photos with this app.

6) BB protect app

BB protect is a free app which you can use to keep all the important information on your phone safe in case if you lose your phone. With this app you can access your data from computer as well.

7) PicMixc app

PicMixc is one of the most popular social photo sharing apps for BB. It has a variety of features with which you can alter the photos and add effects before sharing.

8) Evernote

Evernote has perhaps become one of the most famous cross-platform apps the people have. With it you can easily make a to-do list and save your Twitter updates.

9) Pageonce

Pageonce is another cross platform app with which you can easily track your financial savings and expenditures. The app is well secured with 256 bit data encryption too.

10) Dropbox

With Dropbox you can easily store your data on clouds and you can also create backups on the fly. The app offers PIN based login security so no unauthorized person can use your data.

So, these were some of the best apps of the year 2012 for Blackberry. With this list it could be easily said that even though the Android bandwagon is quite impressive good works are done for the RIM platform as well.

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