Best 5 Painting Apps For Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu, the best free operating system for human,Ubuntu is an open source project and obviously it is free to use. When it comes to the user friendly distributions in linux,Ubuntu tops the list because it comes with most of the windows alternative softwares. Today we come-up with the best list of awesome paint applications in Ubuntu.

My paint

My paint is a pressure sensitive Wacom tablet paint program and it is one of the best in class. My paint coming with a large brush collection including charcoal and ink to emulate real media. My paint coming with highly configurable brush engine and which allows you to experiment with your own brushes.


GNU Paint

GNU paint is another simple paint app for Ubuntu such as ms paint program in windows. GNU paint is specially designed for GNOME desktop environment. It comes with drawing tools such as ovals, freehand, polygon and text, with fill or shadow for polygons and closed freehand shapes. You can Cut and paste by selecting irregular regions or polygons. In simple all the image processing features present in xpaint.

GNU Paint


It is one of the fastest and stale painting app for Ubuntu. Paint supreme is well known for the fast and easy image creation,fast photo editing. With Paint supreme, you can transform ordinary photos to extraordinary. the latest version of coming with Seamless integration of filters and effects created in IFX-Supreme. Unfortunately the application is not free anymore!


mtPaint graphic editor

mtPaint is a free and easy to use graphic editing program for Ubuntu which uses the GTK+ toolkit. It is geared towards creating indexed palette images and pixel art. MtPaint can handle JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, XPM, and XBM files.



Nip2 is an advanced front end to the VIPS package. With nip2, rather than directly editing images, you can build relationships between objects in a spreadsheet-like fashion.Nip2 is well known for editing large images but retouching and manipulating are not recommended.


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