Top 6 Microsoft Office 365 Alternatives

As I know,People still create documents on their desktop and use a variety of painful ways to share and manage these documents leading to spaghetti document versions and wasteful email cycles. Here comes the online office productivity suites that gives you the powerful productivity features that you never seen before.The main player in this category is of-course Microsoft Office 365 ! No dought, but do you know there are some better alternatives for Microsoft Office 365. Today we are sharing the six best alternatives to office 365.

Google Apps

Google apps is the another most widely used office suite.Google apps got millions of users worldwide and it comes simple to operate with friendly user interface and free cloud storage space for normal users.With Google apps presentations, forms, drawings, tasks, word processing, spreadsheets and lucid art diagrams are all at your doorstep.For a home user I think Google Drive is enough and Business customers can try Google apps for business. Google is already serving more than 5 million Google apps business customers.

Google Apps


Zoho coming with standard office suite tools , tons of features and services .More than 8 million users trust Zoho as their collaborative and productivity needs. Zoho comes with tons of tools such as BugTracker ,CRM, Campaigns, Assist, and many more.One of my favorite Zoho tool is the Campaigns tool. With this we can create email and social campaigns for our up-coming services and products.If you are looking for better efficiency functionality than Zoho will tops the list.You can signup to Zoho for free and later upgrade to different products and services.



I think most of you use spreadsheet to manage your work because it is simple and we can set them up our way. Smartsheet is like a spreadsheet with lot of powerful tools.You can structure your work,collaborate with others,track progress and automate processes using these powerful tools.

Smartsheet comes with smarter column,that can be used to view or enter your information and smarter rows gives you spreadsheet structure so that you can focus on the big picture or expand for details. With Smartsheet it is easy to change the layout and content of the spreadsheet and you can use smartsheet to work with clients,venders and co-workers as easy as never before.


Additionally with Smartsheet you can share your spreadsheet to unlimited number of people securely and it can be accessed from the smartphone,computer,tablet any where making it way for the team mates to get the latest updates on time.

Getting started with smartsheet is easy by clicking the Plus tab and you can start from a blank project or you can import your spreadsheet , project data or use the built in smartsheet template data to begin your work.

More than one million users around the world is using smartsheet .Why not give it a try ? It comes with 30 days free trial.

Think Free Cloud Office

Think Free Office is another on-line office suite but think office suite backed with Java.Think office is an open standard for office suite and comes with three tools named Write, Calc, and Show.These tools will be used to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. As we told before it is based on java and you required java run time environment to be installed in your computer. Think free tools are web based and not required to install any additional office suite package in your system.If you are on smartphone, no problem ! ThinkFree Mobile allows you to view and edit office documents using your smartphone.

Thinkfree Office suite

Live Documents 

Live Documents is another online office suite that build in flash.Instead of standard menu or tab driven apps , Live documents shows itself as a virtual desktop.Live documents comes with the powerful features of Microsoft office suite with collaboration and mobility of Google Docs at a price point.

Live Documents

You can create dazzling impactful presentations,spreadsheets with live documents and share it with anyone without worrying about the which operating system they use.

OX App suite

OX App suite is a new player in the online cloud office suite.It comes with a centralized cloud environment that let users manage all their office applications from anywhere without installing any software on your computer.

OX offers many tools such as OX files,OX email,OX Address book,OX Calender,OX tasks and the social tool OX portal.With the portal option you can access email, social content and new services from one view.

OX App suite

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