Best Sites To Download Subtitles For Movies And TV Shows

Watching a movie or a TV show is one of the most fun ways to unwind after a hard day’s slog at work. Though we do often watch movies in our own language, it is becoming a more and more popular practice to indulge in movies in foreign or vernacular languages. Movie buffs do not usually recommend dubbed versions of foreign movies because they feel that voice overs detract from the movie quality and experience. This is why so many movie lovers swear by subtitled movies, that show the translation of the dialogues in a text form at the bottom of the screen.

But imagine how frustrating it is when you have just downloaded a selection of movies by your favorite foreign director, or a whole season of some well known TV series in another language, and you find that there are no subtitles included, or that the subtitles are not in a language you understand. In such a case, do you have to discard the entire collection that you acquired so painstakingly?

Absolutely not! There are a number of websites on the net that offer you subtitles for movies and TV series in almost any language you need. We compiled a list of nine of the best such websites to download subtitles for free.

1. AnySubs

AnySubs has a very inclusive collection of subtitles of movies and animated films of most of the major languages around the world. You don’t have to register, but registration is usually encouraged by the site.

2. Open Subtitles

You are bound to find the language of your choice among the hundreds of languages in which subtitles are available in the Open Subtitles site. There is no limit to download either.

3. Movie Subtitles

The largest collection of subtitles for foreign movies is available at this website. The subtitles are compact and have to be unzipped using WinZip.

4. My Subtitles

If you are looking for subtitles for newly released movies, you run a good chance of finding them in My Subtitles. This website has most of the current movies, as well as many old favorites.

5. Subscene

In order to download from Subscene, you are going to have to enable Javascript on your computer, as well as a few other settings. But it is well worth the effort, as Subscript has over 319265 subtitles to choose from.

6. All Subs

All Subs has the lofty target of collecting subtitles in all major languages for every single movie ever released. So there is a good probability that you will find what you are looking for in this database of over 1.7 million subtitles.

7. DivX Subtitles

The major problem with this site is that it is a tad unorganized, so it may take you quite a while to locate the particular subtitle you are looking for. But the collection is pretty huge and worth checking out.

8. Subtitle Box

It’s not just foreign movies that need translation, but TV shows, news programs, and tabloid shows as well. Subtitle Box offers a good haul of subtitles for interesting news clips, fashion shows, and the likes.

9. Get Subtitle

The best part of the Get Subtitles website is that it is very visitor friendly. The collection of subtitles is enormous, and downloading is quite simple and hassle-proof.

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