Best Twitter Tools To Find Out Who Unfollowed You

Twitter is a social networking site which has become almost a rage with millions of people from all walks of life within the last few years. Twitter is freely used by the youth, students, intelligentsia, businessmen, celebrities, politicians alike. People send their thoughts and read messages called tweets through the site just like SMS messages in mobile phones.

Though many such networking sites like Facebook, Orkut and LinkedIn are available these days Twitter has been the principal medium of communications between people. Twitter was first launched in 2006 but it has surpassed other such networking sites in popularity. What has basically set apart Twitter from its competitors is the fact that it has a limited character messaging service and that in Twitter the participants follow each other and thus the networking goes on and on.

Best Twitter Tools

Everyone who tweets likes to be followed ; the celebrities, in particular, get followed by their numerous fan base. So, in case someone is unfollowed he or she might think that his or her popularity is on the wane and this may hurt their feelings.

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Anybody will be curious enough to know if there is someone who is unfollowing his tweets. Online tools are now-a-days available to have an idea about 1) the profile of persons who are unfollowing you so that you can alter your twitting strategy, 2) the tweets which have caused an individual to desert you and 3) your overall social impact. Thus now you can monitor your influence better through Twitter.

The following tools are available to find out who unfollowed you on Twitter :


As can be guessed the name of the site is very close to the Twitter, at the same time defining its action. It has even the logo of a twitter-like bird almost mocking the bird on the Twitter. The advantage in Qwitter is that it will send you weekly e-mail alerts which will provide you with information about who are the individuals who have unfollowed from your tweets and posts for the last seven days. Qwitter also helps you in identifying the spammers, if any, or individuals who have malafide intentions of stealing your private information. Qwitter has coined the catchy slogan “catching Twitter quitters”.

Who Unfollowed Me

You have one of the most basic tools in Who Unfollowed Me. It does not send you any e-mail alerts. In stead, if you wish to know who unfollowed you on Twitter you have to go and sign in the site along with your Twitter account and click on the button.

Goodbye Buddy

This is the most interactive of all tools to identify who unfollowed you on Twitter. It does not send you e-mails ; in stead, It keeps tracks of individuals who have started unfollowing you. All you need to do is to go to your Twitter account and follow @goodbyebuddy. You will get a list of individuals who have started unfollowing you.

Mr. Unfollowr

This is the easiest of all the tools and works in a much similar way to Goodbye Buddy. You just log on to your account at Twitter and follow @unfollowr. You will start receiving updates through messages as soon as someone starts unfollowing you on Twitter.

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