How to Remove or Disable Facebook Timeline ?

Facebook will soon get a massive interface changes, Developers already got a chance to try out the new changes on upcoming Facebook.The new Facebook main attraction will be the timeline and the social applications.

Recently we showed you how to activate or enable the Facebook timeline before Facebook launch it to general public. I hope most of the Facebook users already become a developer by enabling the timeline features using the simple tutorial.

Recently on of my friend asked me  that, he enabled Facebook timeline using my tutorial but he is not happy  with the Facebook changes and he want to get back to the old Facebook interface. This made me to put up this post on how to remove or disable Facebook Timeline. Please follow below steps to remove Facebook timeline interface from your facebook account.

Step 1 : Log in to Facebook account.

Step 2 : Go to the Facebook developer page [Click here to reach there ]

Step 3 : Now select the application you created and click on edit application button available  on the right side.


Step 4:  A new window will be opened same as below. Now click on “Delete App”


Step 5: Confirm the deletion and go back to your Facebook page after one or two minutes.


You are done! You will be on the old Facebook interface with in seconds.Let me know if you have any difficulties in switching back to the old Facebook interface.

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