Bing Desktop Crossed 10 Million Downloads Worldwide

Bing, Microsoft’s own search engine just updated their desktop client to bring lot of new feature and improvements as it already crossed 10 million downloads worldwide.

Bing desktop is initially released as a the daily Bing wallpaper to refresh your PC background each day as well as integrated search and other system wide features but later Microsoft realized the popularity of the feature and released the fully functional Bing desktop client that bring many of the features of traditional Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Now the Bing desktop application will be getting updates frequently as the client app already crossed 10 million download worldwide. Some of the new features include the ability to search much easier than the older versions.

With the Updated Bing desktop App you can search inside the web-page, word file or PDF file by simply highlighting the word you want to search and just hit the Bing button,it will show you the available preview of web results without leaving the web page you are working.


The updated Bing desktop coming with new weather application and Facebook and news app got redesigned to look more stylish and smoother. I really love the new news app as it offers news across a variety of categories right at a glance.

In simple it’s an awesome update for Bing desktop application. You can download it straight away from the official web page here.

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