Chrome Hidden Game : T.Rex – Play When You Got Disconnected

Google is always there with new innovations and today we introduce you one of the hidden features of the Google chrome browser. It will only get visible when your Internet connection got disconnected.

The latest version of Google chrome comes with a an endless off-line running game when your Internet cuts out. This brave hero is a T. Rex you might recognize. The dinosaur shows up when Chrome can’t connect to the Internet. It looks like this,One click on the dinosaur will start the game.

Google Game Hidden

How To Play The T. Rex Chrome Game

While playing the game your only goal is to avoid hitting cacti. The T. Rex jumps by hitting the space bar. Fret not if you do hit an obstacle, because Chrome T. Rex doesn’t stay down for long. (Hit the game-over refresh icon, and you’re back at it.)

This interesting off-line Chrome game tracks your progress and high score, but stats are lost if the window closes or is refreshed.

A Tyrannosaurus Rex has short arms. Often things are out of reach for that little guy. When he’s displayed in Chrome, the Internet is out of reach. It’s hilarious.

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