Facebook App For Windows Phone Updated Again To Bring Back Facebook Events

Facebook application for windows phone allows you stay connected with your family,Friends and colleagues and share information where ever you are.

Exactly one week before we reported,Facebook application for windows phone updated to bring lot of changes and bug fixes.Today facebook pushed out another update to bring the application to version 4.0.0 .

When Facebook done a massive redesign to the previous Facebook application for windows phone,they removed the facebook events from main menu items. Lot of facebook users reported the issue and facebook team today announced that the events removed  by mistake  and it will be re-added to the facebook application for windows phone.


I just installed the new version and I am glad to see the events back.really a much better app now.Unfortunately scrolling is rough at times, and I can scroll down on pages I barley see. I can’t like comments, and font should be smaller on the far left groups and pages column.

Still not updated ! You can download the new facebook application from windows phone market place or click here to reach.

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