Facebook Integrated Websense Anti-Phishing Platform World Wide

As we reported earlier, Facebook joined hands with websense to protect their 800 million users from Phishing attackers. Websense got world’s latest security solutions for web, email and data. Websense technology integration partnership will protect Facebook users from links that lead to malware and malicious sites.

It looks like Facebook started testing websense integration. Few minutes before when I clicked on my friend’s status update link, it taken me in to a new warning page titled “Security Alert: This Link May Not Be Safe” same as below.


Facebook users can go back to the previous page by clicking ‘Return to previous page’ button on the bottom right of the message or take on the risk by clicking ‘Ignore this warning’ link available on the left side.

Websense can’t only block known malicious sites, but also those which the system has never encountered before. I think it’s the best investment facebook done so far.

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