Facebook Joins Hand’s With WebSense; Deploys New Anti-Phishing Platform

If you following our blog you may be already gone through our latest post Facebook Price Grid ? $9.99 Gold Membership” is a New Facebook Scam .There are lot of similar scams appearing on Facebook frequently,This made Facebook to think and invest more on the security side in order to safe guard their 600 million users world wide.

Web security firm WebSense today announced that facebook partnered with them, in an effort to battle scammers on world’s biggest social media network. WebSense powered additional security will now protect facebook users from malicious links that lead to malware-embedded websites and fraud.

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Dan Rubinstein,Facebook product manager for site integrity, told in the press release that “Facebook cares deeply about protecting users from potentially malicious content on the Internet,”


That means, WebSense will soon integrate their advanced classification and malware identification program, within Facebook and when ever users click on any link they will get a warning message and an option to continue at their own risk before they directed to any unsafe websites.


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