Facebook Paid $40 K to Hackers For Finding Security Loop Holes

Social Networking giant Facebook recently announced that they paid out more than US$40,000 in rewards to the expert hackers who have successfully identified and reported security loopholes on Facebook. Three weeks before Facebook launched the Bug Bounty Program  to encourage security researchers and hackers to report loopholes and glitches on Facebook also Facebook offered them a monetary bounty of $500 for single bug.


Joe Sullivan, The chief security Officer for Facebook on his blog post told,

“During the past three weeks, Facebook has paid more than $40,000 to security experts around the world, with one individual receiving over $7,000 for identifying 6 different issues, while another person earned $5,000″.

Facebook will only pay onetime for one bug, means if there is multiple people who reported the same issue the first one who reported the issue will be eligible to claim the reward.Full program details available here.

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