Few Ways To Get The Gmail Address Of Your Choice

With the ever increasing members of this free, ad-supported email service provided by the Google, getting your choice of Gmail address has become ever so difficult. Now what to do to get the email id that you would like to have for yourself? A few years back, getting the username of your choice wasn’t that much tough. A few hashes or asterisks in between could have, made it easier when you chose a username. But now, if you even think of changing the username for yourself, it becomes really difficult.


Getting an unique email id would now mean something looking like some obnoxious and random selection of alphabets and letters and nothing else, because all those username which does sound meaningful are already taken, or are prohibited by the service provider from using, as they do not allow re-register the same user id for twice. Now if you are getting frustrated, there is no need to be worried as this problem can be solved with ease. Here are a few tips before you sign up your account in the Gmail.

Follow them, and you can land up yourself into having the unique email address and that too of your choice. You only have to look out for the few points to be followed.

  • First thing you need to notice is that, even if you have got you’re your previous email account out of use, which in turn have made it invalid, you can not avail that username for yourself, again, as the system will not allow the re-registration of the same username.

  • The most common format for having usernames in Gmail is the Firstname.Lastname format. But it could be advantageous as well as disadvantageous for you, as for Gmail, there is no such distinction between Scott.Russell and scott.russell or even sc.o.tt.russe.ll. They all are same in the eyes of Gmail, and if one is taken, you can have none of the other in your favor. But you can avail a username with creativity on your side. Like if the name Stephen.Fleming is taken up already, you can go for sf.ming or steph.flemng, which would be entirely different than the previous one, ad Gmail would allow you to have them.

  • There is another way of having your username selected. Some people with very common names would find their initials also being taken as well as al the option they can have with the previously mentioned ways. The thing they can do is to have a name crafted by their own, which would both resemble their name as well as would be professional also. This way, Brandon Anderson can become Branderson or you can also add up your profession, like Technicalwriter.Michael to have a unique username.

  • If nothing from the above works out for you, there is still another way to have your unique email id. You can add your own domain by paying a small amount of $10 to the Google Corp. in this way you can have an email address like Joye@Joeflowers.com.

  • One more thing that you can do, if you have problem setting up a personal domain is that you can have a free address through a free service provider like the About.me and can route it through Gmail.  In this way you can not only have an About.me profile for yourself but also can have a Gmail address like yourname@about.me.com.

Now as you have known all the tips for having a unique Gmail username for yourself, sign up and have the best emailing experience. Have your personality also displayed through the email address of yours.

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