Get 50GB Free Cloud Storage From Mediafire

Mediafire is one of the largest file hosting service provider and one of  the biggest free cloud storage provider.If you signup with mediafire,All free users will instantly granted 50GB of free cloud space .Compared to other file,cloud hosting service provider,Mediafire not going to limit the download bandwidth and number of simultaneous downloads for free users unfortunately the file size for free cloud users restricted to 200 MB per file.


Mediafire cannot be used as an alternative to your present cloud synchronization application because it doesn’t have the synchronization feature.With mediafire you have to do all things manually with the web interface or through the desktop client for windows,linux,Mac.

Free mediafire users to be active always otherwise the account will be deleted after a certain account inactivity.All the mediafire paid users will get lot of additional features with normal rate.For example 250GB data storage for only $9 per month and maximum 4GB file size for single file and there is no worry of account expiration.

Anyway the 50GB is totally free on a reputed file locker is always handy thing to have.I already started with Media fire and hope you too will kickstart today ! Go to MediaFire homepage.

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