Google Released Page Speed Module For Apache

Page tools family consist of mainly two tools.One as a Firefox add-on and another one an Apache module. Page speed module started as an open source project add-on for  Mozilla Firefox and later deployed to third-party products.

Recently Google announced a new page Speed module for famous Apache HTTP server. Using page speed services  developers and web masters got better ways to optimize their web-pages for fast load time.

The new  Apache module will automatically rewrites web pages and resources to improve their performance.The module got more than 15 one time optimization tasks that addresses  various aspects of  web performance, Payload size,client-server round trips,caching etc. Google claimed that mod_pagespeed will reduce website load time by 50%. mod_pagespeed presently supports only Apache 2.2

Watch video introduction from Google Engineer Mr.Bharat on  page speed open source project.

Google presently working with Go-Daddy to integrate Mod_Pagespeed on 8.5 million Customers accounts. Google also working with  Cotendo to integrate the core engine of mod_pagespeed as part of their Content Delivery Network (CDN) service.

Main Advantages  of using  mod_pagespeed is that there is no any additional changes requires on your CMS pages.Secondly the increase cache time for your logo and images on your website in to one year.

You can evaluate the performance of your webpage by installing the page tools extension.Download the extension for different platforms.

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