Google Science Fair 2015 Open To Individuals From 13 to 18 Years

The search engine giant just switched on the fifth annual Google science fair in search of bright young minds who can change the world we live in.

The Google science fair is one of the biggest event to find out young researchers, scientists, technologists and inventors to get creative. This years Google science fair is backed by LEGO Education,National Geographic,Scientific American and Virgin Galactic.

This years science fair Google come with a new theme “ It’s your turn to change the world’ and ‘What will you try? ” If you got some thing in you then you can submit your projects from now until May 18 to be in with a chance to make the final, it will be happening at Google’s Mountain View HQ on September 21.

Google Science Fair

Interestingly this year Google introduced seven new category awards, including education, health and environment, it will definetley widen the scope of the competition.

So go for Google science fair 2015 and submit your projects to earn $100,000 in scholarships and many more classroom grants.

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