How To Cancel PayPal Billing Agreement/Subscription

If you are using paypal,you may be noticed some of the service providers will try to charge you automatically if you paid them via paypal, even you ignore their messages or reminders. I also faced similar issue when I subscribed to for hosting few websites in end of 2013.I have no plan to renew the service after one year. Unfortunately after one year I found my paypal account automatically charged to renew the same hosting account even though I ignored their service.

So today we are showing you how to chancel the paypal billing agreement.

Step1: Log in to you paypal account.

Step 2: Select the profile tab as you can see below.

paypal profile

Step 3: Now you will see your profile page. On the left side click on My money then My pre-approved payment

paypal agreement

Step 4: Now you will see the active paypal subscriptions that the service providers created automatically when you pay first time for their service.

paypal active payments

Step 5: Click on the service agreement list and a new screen will appear with service details. click cancel button to cancel paypal agreement with that particular service provider.


Step 6: Once you click on Cancel, you just have to confirm it once again.

cancel paypal billing

Repeat the steps for each service which showing active in the list. Let me know if you have any difficulty in cancelling billing agreement with service providers.


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