How to Create Multiple Desktop Environment on Windows With Moo0 MultiDesktop

Moo0 MultiDesktop is a simple utility for your windows computer and it will add four virtual desktops for your computer with some awesome features. Moo0 MultiDesktop user interface is simple and easy to use. Just download and install, you are done!

Moo0 MultiDesktop got some enhanced features such as you will be able to put custom wallpapers and themes on these four virtual desktops making each one easy to distinguish when quickly flipping through them. I think Moo0 MultiDesktop is a great utility with some features similar to other paid virtual desktop software’s.


Moo0 MultiDesktop also got a small floating navigation bar from this navigation bar users can switch to any virtual desktop on your windows computer at any time.

 Moo0 MultiDesktop-options

Once you installed Moo0 MultiDesktop, it will create a system try icon and right clicking on it will display the Moo0 MultiDesktop Menu. In the Moo0 MultiDesktop menu you can adjust the transparency of the navigation bar, Change the skin, Change the wallpaper, select your own language and select the keyboard shortcuts. You can download Moo0 MultiDesktop from below link.

Download Moo0 MultiDesktop from here.


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