How To Delete Any Contacts From Gmail ?

Gmail, is one of the most widely used free emails service from the house of Google, The world’s leading search engine giant.

Are you the one,who looking for the ways to remove any particular contact or an entire contact group from Gmail ? Then this tutorial is for you.

You can edit or delete contacts when ever you need. Google already have different options to do it. Today we will show you the easy and best option.

Go to your Gmail account, Sign in and Click Gmail at the top-left corner of your Gmail account page, then choose Gmail Contacts. If you are a Google Application user, you have to click Mail and then Contacts.

Gmail Contact

If you wish you can go directly to the contact page of Gmail by addressing the URL

gmail contact

Now select the contact that you want to remove and click on the more button on the top to select the Delete Contact option.

Delete Contact

Done ! It’s simple as clicking few buttons. If you wish you can undo the changes you made just few seconds later. Please note the undo option will appear for only few seconds.

Don’t panic, You can restore the deleted contact even after the Undo option got disappeared. Google allows users to to recover deleted contacts for 30 days. But 30 days after you delete a contact, it will be removed permanently from your Gmail account.


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