How to: Make Windows 7 system recovery disc

Windows 7 coming with a default System Repair Disk ,this can be used to repair your windows 7 computer from any major issues and failures.The windows 7 orginal installation disc have this same recovery feature by deafult but if you don’t have the installtion disc or was lost or damaged ,still you can make recovery of your windows 7 computer by creating a new windows recovery disc  from your computer itself.

Your windows 7 recovery CD may be handy in many cases such as  your system becomes seriously corrupt or unbootable.checkout the step by step guide to make your system RecoveryCD for windows 7.

Step 1: Go to Control panel in your windows 7 computer ,check for system and security.Once you found system and security on your windows 7 computer just click on it and go to Backup and restore

backup and restore on windows 7

Step 2 :The backup and restore option will open a new window.,now you need to click on “create a new system repair disc” option.

create windows 7 system repair  disc

Step 3:Put your Blank CD/DVD in the CD/DVD-drive  and click on create Disc.

save windows7 system image

Windows will show the current job progress status  on your screen.With in minutes your windows 7 repair Disc will be created with in minutes.Keep this recovery disc in a safe palce for future recovery options.

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