How To Open and Play Partially Downloaded Files (.PART files)

You may be wondering why I came up with this post? Yes I agree it is some old topic but I find this issue is still not properly explained anywhere on the web.

So what is  a .Part file?

It is nothing but a partially downloaded internet file, it may be movie, music,videos etc. The .Part files may be created when you download anything big from internet via torrent or any download managers.

The .Part files will be extracted later when you complete the download process.Sometimes the download source may delete the file hosted and then your downloading file will stuck in the middle.But the interesting this is, the app which you are using to download the file will definitely save your file in the name of .Part extension,that is not readable in any media player format.

How to open the .Part file

The .Part files may be opened in different ways but today I will show you the working easy way.You may be tried different media players to open the file but still no luck ? Then follow the steps.

Step 1: Select the .Part file and Right click to select open with option.

Step 2: Now select open with internet explorer..Part file save to IE

Step 3: Click on the Save Button.IE-saveSave the IE download

Step 4: Now go to the saved location and open the .part file with windows media player.

Step 5 : The player may give an error first but please press the Yes button to play the .Part file.


You done it.

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