How To Optimize Your Social Media Accounts For Better Traffic

Using social media to gain traffic is no longer a new thing to us. At least, every now and then, you will either share your blog post on Facebook or Twitter in order to get your friends to visit your blog or blatantly promote your blog on Facebook just with the aim of gaining traffic! That’s what social media marketing is all about. But it does not end with sharing and sharing and sharing. There’s much more to it than that.

While you must have learnt a lot of things in the past about social media either due to your own personal experience or what you read on websites, the truth is that new things unfold as the day advances. That’s why I’ll like to share these very important social media marketing tips with you in this blog post.


Post Information-Parked Stuff on your social profile

People value information, just give it to them in any way to can afford and you’ll gain respect in return. Posting regularly on your social media accounts will probably help people to notice you, but you cannot win their trust if they don’t find value in what you share with them.

How people will share and like your status update can be determined by the level of importance that they see in your updates. This will help you to gain ground as an authority and make more people that didn’t know about you to become your fans/followers. And you know, of course, the higher the number of fans you have, the higher the amount of traffic you are able to draw to your blog through social media.

Avoid Spam-like activities

Spamming is an act of negativity and people detest spammers. If all you do on social media is share your blog links and post nothing else, your readers will regularly tag your updates as inappropriate and that can badly affect your social media presence.

Embrace generosity on social media and add positivity to every social media site you are using. Don’t let your goal of getting traffic to your blog overcloud your sense of reasoning.

Post Less of Your Links and More of Others

Posting less of your own blog links and much of others will give your followers the impression that you’ve seen value in what you share with them. To achieve this, you should only share links to very informative and value-parked articles written by others or else, you risk jeopardizing the value your followers will attach to whatever you share on your social profile.

While it might be tempting to use your facebook or twitter account to share whatever you’ve posted on your blog, you should resist doing that by having a designated Twitter handle and Facebook account for your blog, using your blog’s social accounts to promote every of your posts won’t do any harm.

Be Human, Be Approachable

Hiding behind anonymity on social media will not do you any good, as people will not be willing to relate with someone they don’t know. Make your social media profile as personal as possible, and still make it professional too. Let your pictures be that of your real self. But don’t let your personality become too visible in everything you do, people hate it when all you have to say is about yourself and nothing more.

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With the tips I’ve shared in this article, you should be able to set your social circles straight and be able to optimize it to get traffic to your blog.

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