How to Update Facebook Status from E-mail ?

It will be great if you got a chance to update your Facebook account right from your E-mail Client. Isn’t it ?  Do you know how to do that? No problem! Today we are going show you how to update Your Facebook Status from E-mail ?

Step 1: Login to your Facebook Account.

Step 2: Now Visit

Here you will get upload via E-mail Option.Facebook will give you an e-mail address to use as a personalized upload email to post status updates or send photos and videos straight to your profile.


Step 3: Copy the address for your personalized upload email

Step 4: Now open your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Yahoo etc.) and create a new contact for this email address.

Step 5: You can schedule a Facebook update by opening a new E-mail message addressed to the Facebook E-mail address and place the status update in the subject line and attach a photo or video if you want to share.


That’s it! You are done.

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