How To Use Twitter For Marketing Your Brand

Twitter is gaining more and more popularity every year. This micro-blogging site that originally started out as a great way to keep friends and family updated about you is now a huge tool for marketing. Whether you are a huge company, or just a small business, or even if you are a single person entrepreneur, you can make use of Twitter to promote your goods and services.

Your Tweets do not all have to be in the nature of an advertisement either. They can simply be an observation or information that has nothing to do with your product but otherwise serves to keep the name of your brand fresh in the minds of your potential customer base.

But just Tweeting occasionally will not serve your purpose; you have to make sure that your Tweets have the desired effect, that is, they manage to market your products or services effectively. So how do you make Twitter a success for your business? Well, we have a few tips that just might help you.

Customize your Twitter background

Make sure you have a unique background on Twitter. This will make it easy for followers to associate a specific color combination to your name, and let them recall your brand whenever they see that color combination elsewhere. Moreover, a customized background tells a visitor that your business is genuine, and that you are serious about marketing, as you have invested in it. You can purchase a background of your choice from various websites. Alternatively, you can hire a designer to create a Twitter background for you.

Twitter background

Make use of Twitter clients

If your business has several Twitter accounts or a number of accounts across social networking sites, it may become quite a task to manage them all. This is why it may be a good idea to opt for a Twitter client such as HootSuite or Tweetdeck to organize all your accounts in one dashboard, so that you don’t have to keep signing out of one and into another. A great feature of these clients is that they let you schedule Tweets to be posted later, when you are away from the computer.

Don’t forget the keywords

Whether you use hashtag or not, do not neglect to add a couple of keywords to your tweets. Preferably, before you post, do a small study of the most popular keywords on Twitter at that point of time, and try to fit them into your posts. This way, your Tweets will be a part of the search results whenever somebody searches for the most popular topics.


Create a rapport with your followers

Even celebrities these days interact directly with their fans on Twitter, so you should be no exception. Make it a fun thing to be a follower on your Twitter account. Address followers directly, ask them questions, answer promptly if they ask you anything, retweet their posts while giving them credit, and forge ties with those followers that comment often and retweet you. Every relationship you build on Twitter will be valuable for your company.

Keep a personal touch in your tweets

It is really easy to get lost among the millions of accounts in Twitter. One sure shot way to stand out of the crowd is to keep your individuality and Tweet in your own voice. Use your personal brand of humor, be consistent in your ideology and principals, and write like a human being rather than a robot. Your followers will simply love it.


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