Klout Application For iPhone : Measure Your Influence On Social Networks

Klout, Maybe you heard this name before ! one of the best social media analytics service that  uses the Klout score to determine your overall influence on social media.Klout score represents your influence and ability to compel action by others online.I love the Klout scoring system but i don’t know how many of you are agree with me ?

I think it was in February when Klout acquired the startup Blockboard ; A mobile application development firm in an effort to quickly bring Klout to mobile phones and expand Klout users  understanding of influence in the real world on the go.

After a long waiting Klout users are now capable of monitoring their online influence on social networks such as Facebook,Google Plus,Twitter,Linkedin and foursquare using their Apple iPhone application.All Klout users will be provided a Klout score ranging from 0 to 100 depending on their influence on all these social networks.

Klout | The Standard for Influence

The launch of Klout iPhone application allows users to take their social influence with you, know matter where ever you are.The application is designed with the best possible user interface and it can send you push notifications when someone gives you +K and  also users can check their topics such as a list of people who they influence, a list of people who influence them and other people’s profiles and the +K you received.

one of the another best feature of this Klout iPhone application include the ability to know your Klout score without opening the application,To know your score all you have to do is just look on the Klout app on your home screen.


Unfortunately the Klout application doesn’t have the option to give away +k to any one but may be in coming updates of the Klout application for iPhone you can expect this feature.You can download this application from apple iTunes store and it’s totally free to download.

Download Klout application For Apple iPhone from here

Once you installed this application on your iPhone your Klout score will be added up by 10.By the way android lovers have to wait for few more weeks in order to get the Klout application and know their influencing power on the Go !

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