Top 6 Best iPhone 5 Cases You Would Surely Love

iPhone, since its release back in 2007, has reached something of a cult status in the world mobile phone market and has been successful in creating a niche’ market of its own. Today, there are six generations of the iPhone models which have been launched from the stable of Apple Inc, with the latest entrant being the iPhone 5 which was launched with much fan fare by the new Apple CEO, Tim Cook after the death of Steve Jobs.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 being taller than other phones of the same family would definitely need a case or a protective cover for tucking the phone in and as per an independent research 3 out 4 people who buy the iPhone 5 will also buy a new case or a protective cover for the phone. Some tech gurus have even gone to the extent of calling it sheer lunacy if one doesn’t carries the new iPhone 5 without a case. Some of the best cases available in the market for your new iPhone 5 are;

Cygnett Urban Shield Carbon

This case is handy as it protects the back portion of the iPhone 5 and also has rubber pads on the corners which will absorb simple shocks to your device. This case comes as a mirror image of the phone so it would not look out of place when put on the phone and your phone will not look clumsy. This case also comes with a screen guard which will protect the screen of the iPhone against unwanted scratches.

iPhone 5 -Products

 Bear Motion lambskin Leather iPhone 5 Case

This case is made out of genuine leather and is quite soft to touch. It comes at pretty affordable price and adds a touch of class to your already classy iPhone 5.

 classy iPhone 5

Otterbox Commuter

The Otterbox offers a variety of range of cases for the iPhone family and they have come out with some real cool and trendy cases for the iPhone 5. This case is a little on the heavier side but then the rubber content of the case helps absorb the shocks. It also protects the phone from external elements like dust and water, while being available in an array of colors.

Otterbox Commuter

Piel Frama Luxury Leather Flip Cases

These cases apart from adding to your phone will make it look executive. The Spanish based manufacturer of these cases is known for making the best quality cases with top class workmanship on display.

iPhone 5 Flip Cases

iLuv Diary

These cases look like a small diary and once you tuck in your iPhone into these they open up like a diary. Once you lay the iPhone on a table you can actually work on your iPhone 5 as if you are going through a diary or a small notebook. This case also comes with two credit card slots which makes it all the more better for high end executives. You don’t even need to carry your wallet everywhere. This case provides with a very sturdy and tough shell for protecting your precious iPhone from any damage.

iLuv Diary

Case-Mate Barely There iPhone5 Slim Case

This case is not the chunky kinds and doesn’t add meat to the new slimmer iPhone 5. All it does is protects the back portion and the sides of the phone while allowing full access to the buttons and other important areas of the iPhone. This also comes in various colors and is the perfect match for your slim and tall iPhone 5.

iPhone5 Slim Case

So, here we had some idea of the best cases that are available for your new iPhone 5 and this list is not exhaustive.

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