Microsoft Bing Climbed To the Second Spot In Google Dominated Search Market

Something worked well for Microsoft Bing this time. Microsoft Bing surpasses Yahoo in US search market to hold the second position.

As per the latest statistics revealed by research and analysis firm “ComScore Inc” Microsoft Bing received more than 2.75 billion search queries in the U.S during December 2011.This made Microsoft bing to over take Yahoo in the US market.


Google still holding the search market in US with more than 65.9  % .In December 2011 Google search almost crossed 12 billion search queries to become the top player in search engine market. Another player who made similar growth rate is Ask network. Both Google and Ask  US Market share increased by 3% in December 2011.

This is a remarkable achievement for bing team. It looks like Microsoft Bing marketing team will do much more efforts in coming weeks to improve the search queries to hold the position in coming months.

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