Microsoft TellMe will be the Answer to Apple Siri ?

Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Mr. Craig Mundie’s recent comments during an interview with forbes become so hot on the web for couple of days. In the mentioned interview Mr. Craig Mundie claimed that Microsoft already got a technology similar to Apple siri for more than a year on windows phone. This comment made big discussions and comparisons of both technologies on both print and digital media.

“Microsoft has had a similar capability in Windows Phone for more than a year… All that is already there, fully functionality for years.”

This is the comment made by Mr. Craig Mundie during the press event. Microsoft named this technology as Microsoft TellMe But Microsoft TellMe is never going to be same as Apple siri. Microsoft TellMe is only a syntax-based functionality that doesn’t have much to offer.


Comparing to Microsoft TellMe, Apple siri is going to revolutionize your digital living with their own speech interaction technology. With Siri, Apple managed to humanize the synthesized voice with comedic responses including functionalities such as setting alarms, geo-fenced reminders, scheduling meetings and more. Still Siri is in beta stage even though it’s amazing so far on Apple iPhone 4S, with stable release Apple will be bringing more voice controlled functionality to siri.

Both technologies are awesome but Microsoft need to come up with new awesome functionalities to TellMe if they want to make their windows phone operating system grow further.We are eager to see how Microsoft is going to promote Microsoft TellMe.

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