Missed Out ? No Problem, Watch Now Windows 8 Consumer Preview Keynote Completely

Yesterday Microsoft unleashed the final preview version of the next frontline windows operating system code named windows 8.This is the second preview version of windows 8 operating system after windows 8 developer preview.

I think you already know,it’s  windows 8 consumer preview. Windows8 consumer preview coming with tons of enhancement over the previous versions of windows operating systems such as windows vista, windows 7 and windows 8 developer preview. Microsoft made more than 10,000 changes to on the new operating system since windows 8 developer preview.


Steven Sinofsky, Julie Larson-Greene and other Microsoft officials was present there in the windows8 unleashing event held during the mobile world congress. The event was not transmitted live over the web so many of us missed it out.

However if you got interested you can watch it right now. Microsoft posted the Windows 8 consumer preview launch event keynote in Microsoft news center web page. You can watch it straight from here.

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